Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Political Forest

Ok its that time again and we are having another wonderful art show! I know your probably wondering whats with the title? Well let me tell you just that, the title came about after discussing the current political race and its importance on our future. We wanted to show the youth the importance of this race in particular and what better way than have an art show! We got together with a few good friends that also happen to be artist and created the concept. In short we didn't want to represent one thought or one side of politics. We wanted it to be left as an open call if you will to let the artist kinda tell there personal feelings through art. The forest represents many different aspecs just like the show. Well the show is Sept. 6th from 5-8 we would love everyone to come out and enjoy it! The artist have worked really hard and its coming together great. We will post pic's as soon as they are available

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Anonymous said...

I think the "Political Forest" art show is such a great concept. I am looking forward to it. Kudos DenM!