Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random Tradeshow Thoughts

We just got back from the big trade shows in Las Vegas. We hit Pool, Project, and Magic to check out the old and the new. I was happy to see that the shows are still crowded with buyers. The economy will not hold the people back from their fashion!

I always like to check out what people are wearing because these are the people that are at the tip of fashion. I can tell you what is the next big thing just from observing peeps at the shows. So here it is:

Guys are rolling up their pants reminiscent of that loved 80's style.It is jeans AND pants. Roll them up guys! If you are a real fashion guy, pinch then roll. For best results wear with a fedora.We picked up a brand called "Shades of Greige", that will ship early next year, that does the dressy or suit style, so hot.

Guys should stay away from baggy jeans. Slouchy at the top and then straight or fitted from the knee down is standard. And guys look super hot in it I might add. I like this look with a clean wash, or with natural damage. (Check out Nudie Jeans, I will blog about them later this week and we are all wearing them in the store right now).

Girls are wearing high waisted with tucked in tops as a basic jean. Meaning they are not trying to dress up. Their comfy style is high waisted. Note here not to be afraid to tuck in your top's, great with a skinny belt, this look is simple to pull off but it perfects your sense of style.

Don't fret, we are still safe in our skinny's, they are still hot. I was also happy to see the damaged jeans are coming in heavy right now. Rip em', tear em', stain em' and wear them out. I love it. This is as close to relaxed I am personally gonna get with denim.

I felt like everyone was pushing this style known as the boyfriend fit jean. The baggy look for women. I know it's hot right now but I don't think it is gonna catch on mainstream and look good. The girls just won't pinch and roll the bottoms like necessary for the entire "look" (see Katie Holmes in a blog below). Maybe I am wrong but I wasn't feelin' it.

Lastly I would like to say that the brands party like rock stars in Vegas. There was at least 10 crazy parties at the hottest clubs every night, with entertainment and drinks thrown in. These people party until at least 4am and then get up and work at the shows all day. This old lady checked out the scene as late as I could possibly hold up, and it did not meet rock star status- at all. But one bash I did hit that was certainly note worthy was the Diesel bash at the Palms, poolside. They served us free drinks and dinner coupled with entertainment by a synchronized swim team (done to dance music), 2 DJ's, and a live performance by The Cool Kids. Diesel is good at predicting trends so I am guessing The Cool Kid's are something to look out for.

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