Monday, March 2, 2009


I haven't posted in a while because a new birth was taking place, and I have been dealing with the labor pains. She is born! We have a new designer inspired store- Nectar.
Nectar Clothing is just two doors down from denM on the same block in historic downtown Redlands. The store is full of fashion for ladies only. Nectar has a fresh, hip feel, but the most beautiful thing about Nectar is the prices!
Tanks and basics start at $4.99, and we have great fitting V-necks for only $5.75. There are oodles of dresses, and all the girly things that Spring is calling our name to buy. Dresses are all under$40, tops are all under $27, but we have tons of tops under $15.
Come in and see our new baby, Nectar.

Watch out, I'm gonna be bloggin' you to death because Spring Fashion has arrived.

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