Sunday, May 3, 2009

What is Not in Style Right Now?

It is such a peculiar time in fashion right now. There have been times in the past where 70's fashion was in, and then it would be the 80's, or 40's or whatever era was in again at the time. Right now every era is in. In my search to find what's the hottest things right now I became so perplexed with this moment in fashion.
The key to fashion right now it seems is that every era goes, you can even pair the era's together, but the golden rule is this: don't make it look ugly. I found sailor fashion being hot for the summer, but you can do it with a modern stripe top, a sandal with rope, or a classic cut 1940's type dress, its up to you. Gladiator sandals are everywhere, but so are vintage looks in sandals.
The purse above I thought said it all. It looks like a vintage clutch done with 80's style red leather. This has got to be the easiest time in history to be in fashion. You get it right if you are boho chic or old Hollywood glamour. It seems that one thing remains constant though, classic and basic cuts are are
taking center stage.

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