Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dressing Up to Go Out

I went out to Las Vegas for a girlfriends bachelorette this weekend. I don't go out often so I don't give much thought to dressing up beyond the dress or the perfect jeans with a dressy top or the shoes. I had my outfit picked out in advance for once, a beautiful little black skirt with a simple black tank paired with some colorful heels. I even went as far as having the jewelry ready, a long beaded cross necklace paired with a bunch of beaded bracelets. I realized there was so much more to wearing that perfect little outfit than I remembered.

Every one of the seven other girls had a perfect little clutch which was just essential. Who can carry around those gigantic purses we carry daily when you have on such a precious little ensemble? So I was lacking a clutch. Sometimes you may be lacking the perfect little sweater but in my case it was way too hot too worry about outerwear. And then there was the hair and makeup. Some of us have a hairdo that can just get a little more fluffy for going out, and apparently some others have a whole other style they just whip out and whip up. I felt like I needed a whole other lesson in hair and make-up when I was done getting ready with those ladies. They had a make-up case filled to the brim with loose shimmer powders and loose gold shadow. It never looked overdone on them either, they just looked ready to go out, ready for the event of the night.

I'm sure I looked ready but I left with a new feeling that I can get a little better prepared for special events. I thought with graduation parties left and right as well as weddings and a dozen other reasons to celebrate this time of year, some ladies out there could use some support through these trying times. It is a lot for us to get together guys. This doesn't come easy. It goes beyond the outfit and shoes, we have to think about beauty products, headbands, hand-bags, our jewelry being gold or silver or colored, and then we have to match. phew. Well I guess it's all worth it because when we get it right it makes us feel so good.

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Wonderful blog. Really excellent.

You should feature some of your posts with the bizymoms Redlands community, the moms would love to read your posts.