Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VMA's :2 Strikes (One more your out)

Did anyone out there watch the Video Music Awards on MTV this weekend? I did. I really think the whole show is getting lame. Maybe I'm getting old, but I think that they are trying to change things up too much, totally forgetting that some things are better left in classic condition.

I liked the whole Hollywood back lot theme. Live music videos being shot. Good idea but it came off a bit strange at points. Over all I thought that concept was cool. The venue looked small. It looked like only the who's who could fit in there, and maybe not all of them. So that took away from the power of the event. It looked little and cheap 70's game showish to me.

My major pet peeve came with the host and the performances. The host, Russell Brand, for lack of a more fitting word, sucked. I know British humor is different, but really? After Brand went on about the Jonas brother's purity in the most disgusting way possible, Nick Jonas, took the high road, and commented after the show,"For us, it's cool to see that he recognizes we are gentlemen,". The Jonas Brother's wear purity rings representing their commitment to God to remain pure until marriage. What have we become if we choose to insult the celeb's that are trying to set the right example and exalt those celeb's who act like crack head easy bags. On the bright side, I think a lot of even the dirtiest of celebrities found his jokes beyond raunchy. During and after the show, celeb's such as Jordan Sparks and Paris Hilton, spoke against Brand's bad humor regarding the brothers.

I thought the performances should have been kept to the good ol' concert style shows with all the modernized ways they make concerts so crazy and amazing these days. But instead they had to do that whole eye trickery, two sided glass, with the "guess where they are" element. It was too much and I did not feel like I saw an amazing performance from anyone. I think the best performance was Rihanna, with Pink coming in second. Rihanna killed it, but why did one artist perform twice? Wierd.

They made the Jonas Brothers look lame beyond lame. First they looked like Disney Newsboys singing harmony on a stoop and then they took to the streets with a million screaming fans dressed in primary colors for the last 30 seconds of their one song. Whatever person in the Jonas Brothers camp thought that was a good idea for the bands image should be shot. I guess I was just left feeling like a never saw one knock out performance to remember.

Lastly, I would like to state my utter dissatisfaction with Britney Spears. She was too chicken to perform , and although she won several awards , she always played the "I'm normal" card. I wasn't buying it. I really just wanted her to say something like "Thanks to my fans and all those who stuck with me even when I was acting like a crazy b." Admitting it is the first step to moving on.

Oh, and one more thing...that band Tokio Hotel rolled up IE style! Lifted truck, monster truck style, with crazy paint job? Check. The IE is calling and we want our vehicle back. The lead singer (male) had acrylic nails, major eye make-up, and Edward Scissor hands garb on. This is not IE style and the IE is asking you not to give this back...it was never ours and we don't want it.

Let me know all your VMA thoughts. Peace!


bagoftrix said...

That guy/girl from Tokio Hotel seemed so nice though.

laura said...

I didn't watch, now I don't regret missing it!