Sunday, September 28, 2008


I am so mad that I couldn't find better pictures to depict what these style pioneers sport everyday. I swear if one more person comes in the store and asks where the Famous Stars and Straps section is I will scream.

This look is not in style anywhere else in the world, it is not cool , and it is not flattering. It is straight out ugly.

Some things do go out of style and this is one of them. For guys, the lifted trucks, paired with huge Dickies shorts held up by a studded famous belt, an off-center bent up hat covering the spiked hair, facial piercings, and some big logo shirt is out. Guys, wear pants that fit a little better, and tone it down a bit for the ladies. You guys look like 12 year old boys trying to scam on chicks. We like guys that look like they could actually have a carreer one day. A job that does not include beer bottles, naked chicks, and cigarettes as a part of the day.

Girls or Brach's wear studded belts, with looww rise jeans that are too tight, that create what we call a muffin top. Not attractive. Not sexy. Please wear pants that flatter your figure. I have even seen very skinny girls, manage to sport a muffin top. Another horror of this Brach or Bro-Ho trend is bleach blond hair with dark hair streaks. It is so harsh. It takes the softness of their natural femininity and crushes it. We should not strive to look like strippers right? Further more that skate shoe they wear is too big & bulky. There is nothing style-wise that feels right about this on a girl. The ultimate "Bro-Ho No No" is the ever-present tramp stamp. You know what I'm talking about, that star or butterfly tattoo right above the butt crack. This used to be cool, but if you have fresh ink in this area right now I shed tears for your severe lack of any style common sense.

So please, I am begging please, can I ask that no more guy's come into the store and ask for a size 40 in True Religion's when they are a 36. My heart suffers for you.


Anonymous said...

this is such a wonderful blog i love it it made me laugh so hard

tweed & loop said...

This is absolutely hilarious!! I try to tell my L.A. friends what I see here in the I.E., and you spelled it out perfectly... I didn't know that there was actually a title for this yucky trend!

btw... how are my earrings doing?

Anonymous said...

12 pieces left right now...