Thursday, October 9, 2008

Denim and True Religion in General

Welcome to the Fall Season. Otherwise known as the true beginning of denim season. Right about now all the designer jean lover's out there are peering into their deep closets and making sure that their denim is looking good, is still in style, and is ready to wear. This is a good time to reflect on all things denim.

So we have established what is in style for the season, high waisted, wide leg, boyfriend fit, skinny, straight and almost any combination thereof. A lot of people, including myself, are excited that "damaged" or "worn in" denim is making a very strong come back.

What is cool as far as brands go is all over the board. Some new companies that are less known are doing really well and some old faithfuls are staying strong. I like this new denim brand called Blue Notch, and I cannot seem to fall out of love with some of my classics. True Religion for one, is still staying strong in the fashion world. Last year all I would hear about the brand is that they were fading out, fizzling if you will. This year has proven the contrary. With the damaged and relaxed looks coming in strong, True Religion is at the head of their game. I don't even want to admit it but it's true.

True Religion remains our best seller. I thought maybe is was just "The Redlands" that were still in love but that isn't so. I spend a lot of time in LA with some of the best stylists there are. They are still loving their True Religions; It seems they just can't get away from the great fit or the quality crafted denim. There hasn't been a better way to look hot while dressing down. We have at least 6 brand new styles of True Religion in stock at any given time.

What new denim brands are you guys buying or just chasing?

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hellokitty said...

I am a big fan of Blue Notch too. is having a sample sale on this line tomorrow. They have great deals there up to 75% off sometimes. I'm addicted. I check the sales and the blog every morning.