Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Goes Grunge Chic With Plaid

Plaid is so hot right now. When it first hit the fashion scene, I just didn't get it. They were not hitting it for women. It was just too masculine, and I am always one for feeling like a girl, if you are a girl. This Fall season is so different. I love it, and I get it. It can be rugged-plaid, with amazing bright colors, done with a classic cut.

For the guys, last year, about this time, some guys were growing out their facial hair, and sporting that grunge thermal. I thought it would pass, no- I wished it would pass. But of course it didn't. I hate to admit it but the look has officially grown on me, with the exception of neck beards (which will never grow on me; please shave your neck guys), guys are looking hot in grungy plaid.

So when picking your plaid of choice, pay close attention to the fit and the color. Classic, great fitting cuts, are really in right now. Don't buy anything that makes you look "boxy." Get plaid prints that don't look like Costco specials, but instead are mixed with bright and fun colors that give your plaid a very modern appeal. You can also go for very classic plaid but make sure it looks more designer than bargain bin.

Lastly, I want to mention accessories. Everyone knows that there is a massive scarf movement right now. It is always so easy for a guy or a girl to add some plaid flair to their outfit by throwing on a great scarf or hat, and plaid is a subtle way to be bold right now.

Thanks for keeping up with the Fall trends with denM Gallery. You know we will have all the hottest styles in plaid coming in now all the way through Christmas. We got in a new Monarchy plaid button up for guys today, we also have some great new coats in for girls in plaid, and as always we have a ton of plaid scarfs in. More comes every day. Tis the season.


laura said...

I thought I was afraid of plaid but those pica make me want some.

Trish the Dish said...

I wanted to give you the can be quite good.